McDonald's in Barstow California

When I mentioned to some trick-or-treater's that we were leaving for Zion's that night and heading for Barstow, they said, "Oh that's the place with the world's biggest McDonald's." I am not sure if that is true or not, but it is indeed a large McDonald's with some unusual features. (Just in case your wondering there are 22 McDonald's within .5 miles of the route we traveled to Barstow. McDonald's website will map out all the McDonald's along your travel route. Perhaps BillJG should plan a annual McDonald's trip).

First of all the sign is much larger than normal

And for reasons I could not fathom they also have a water tower

The building itself is two stories tall, and while this is exceptional in the states, overseas in Asia they are often multistoried.

You'll notice in the picture above there are train cars attached to the restaurant, again I have no idea why they did this.

But you can eat inside of them

The inside itself is also quite large, although I was disappointed in the fact that I had to get my own syrup at the condiments station and that it was not hot.

All of this makes this McDonald's a tourist site, note the special line for tours

So if your ever in Barstow, and I hope it is only because your on your way to somewhere else, stop at this McDonald's, if not to eat, then at least to see the wonder.